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J. Wayne Gudbranson

J. Wayne Gudbranson
J. Wayne Gudbranson, President and CEO,
Branham Group, Ottawa

J. Wayne Gudbranson is President & CEO of Branham Group Inc. (www.branhamgroup.com), a leading global Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) Technology Industry Analyst and Strategic Marketing Consulting company focused on assisting companies achieve market success. Since establishing the firm in 1990, Wayne has positioned Branham as a leading provider of ICE market intelligence. Since its inception Branham has been assisting ICE companies in the areas of planning, marketing and partnering.  In 2004, Wayne expanded Branham’s business by creating the multi-client subscription and data products division.  The multi-client subscription division provides timely industry analysis, including monthly reports, detailed bi-monthly reports and telephone inquiry services in areas of Digital Health, Green IT and Cloud. 

When not assisting clients achieve market success, Wayne actively promotes Canada’s ICE industry capabilities on a global basis.  Nearly twenty years ago he launched an ambitious initiative to raise the visibility of the Canadian ICE sector with the Branham300 listing (www.branham300.com).  Today, the Branham300 is the most comprehensive database of privately held and publicly traded ICE companies ranked on total revenues in Canada.  

Wayne is a frequent speaker on issues related to the ICE sector at key industry events around the world.  He also sits on numerous boards and committees such as ISTP Canada (www.istpcanada.ca) and ITAC Health (www.itac.ca/health). Wayne has an Honours B.A. from the University of Guelph and a Master of Arts from the University of Western Ontario.  He resides in Ottawa with his wife and four children.
Wayne has worked with George Edwards on many past occasions as an expert resource to promote the Canadian ICT sector for both trade and investment purposes and we look forward to continuing that relationship within CanadaUK Partners.