2018 News
1st January Happy New Year to all our clients and partners!
After more than six years consulting I have decided to retire and close down the company. I would like to thank all past clients and partners for their support during that time - it has been a rewarding experience.

2017 News (News Archive)
10th November 2017 - Puddingstone Distillery launches their Christmas "Pud" gin featuring a wood veneer label printed by our Finnish client.
Pddingstone Distillery Christmas "Pud" gin
Puddingstone Distillery PUD gin with Finnish Cherry wood label

8th November 2017 - we have just finished a detailed report for a Finnish client on the UK market for their software aimed at the health sector.
15th August 2017 - we have just completed a UK research project for a Swiss manufacturer of an innovative new consumer product.
27th June 2017 - we are pleased to announce that CanadaUK Partners is now registered on the Finpro Expert Search web site.
19th June 2017 - we are pleased to announce that CanadaUK Partners has been accredited as a consultant to Nova Scotia Business Inc (NSBI) for seafood and agri-food sectors.
12th June 2017 - George Edwards attended an Atlantic Canada reception at Canada House for a mission from the four Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador).
9th June 2017 - we are pleased we have just completed an update to our annual UK seafood report for a Canadian client, which was made even more challenging this year as it was due for submission the day after our General Election. It proved quite challenging to second-guess the election result and the likely impact on the UK economy and foreign exchange rates!
13th March 2017 - thanks to Associate Alison Page for a great PR story in the latest Federation of Small Business Newsletter.
20th February 2017 - We are pleased to become acknowledged as an Evaluated Consultant to Finpro and its clients.
14th February 2017 - we are pleased to become an approved consultant to clients of the Department for International Trade, British Embassy Chile.